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What makes Doll Hospytal so special?

Doll Hospytal offers a line of highly pigmented lipsticks in amazing shades, perfect for today's look. But we're not just pretty, we're smart, too.  Our makeup is cruelty-free, vegan, and made right here in the USA.  All beautifully packaged in luxurious pill-shaped gold tubes you'll always want to show off.

As if that weren't enough, we also support a very important cause...mental health. Today, one in four women suffer from mental health conditions and we know that many use makeup to create the face they use to take on the world every single day. We hope to bring awareness to this issue and help destigmatize it. Our pill-shaped tubes provide a reminder of often needed help from meds and the names of our various shades are a playful reflection of various conditions and symptoms. We will also provide financial support by donating a portion of our proceeds to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (nami.org).

Here at Doll Hospytal we believe we can all do our part. We encourage you to look great, feel great...and do great!




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